Infrared Digital Photography

I continued taking a monochrome photograph work for a long time, and I apply zone system as technology of Fine Print and produce my original print.

I came to take infrared photography with digital camera last year (2001). I used digital camera as a simulator at taking infrared photography. I understood that splendid result was provided when I set sensitivity low. As a result I came to take the infrared photography with digital camera mainly. Because contrast is very high when I film infrared photography with film, there is many that I have a hard time with working a print. I can confirm a result with a finder and can reduce failure by it when I take infrared photography with digital camera.

I take a work by a combination of Minolta DiMAGE 7 and HOYA R72 now. And it processes a provided image with Photoshop and, furthermore, I output it to a negative film and print it to photographic paper finally.In current technology, the output of an inkjet printer is because there is not a thing more than beauty of eternity of silver gelatine photographic paper.

I thank a lot of grand photographers and photograph site that introduced technology of Infrared Digital photography. Infrared photography can do very artistic expression, and it will be work to open a door of a heart of we oneself, and I want to express "mutability" as Oriental philosophy.

Fumio Hanano, Photographer

Fumio Hanano, Photographer


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